Anonymous (Jimmy Kudo x Reader x Kaito Kid)

Anonymous (Jimmy Kudo x Reader x Kaito Kid)

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Call me Tai! XD By Taijiya Updated Sep 23, 2015

(Reader Insert)
You are a 'legal' thief, the 'Shadow Sleuth', a 'Demon Detective'...
Otherwise know as 'Anonymous' a secretive helper to the police force of Japan... at the right price of course. You had everything working for you... but what happens when suddenly some teenage detective calling himself 'Jimmy Kudo' decides to steal your work? Or a flashy disgrace to the name of 'thief' starts stealing YOUR shiny targets? And let us not even start about that dimwitted drunk that somehow seemed to have gained a brain...

Join us on the journy of your life through the world of Case Closed (Detective Conan) and see where it leads~!


Hahaha~ Hope you will enjoy it. Sadly I own nothing of Case Closed / Detective Conan or the pictures I use (sometimes).
I only own the idea for this story, the idea of your identity as Anonymous and her calling card. Oh, and also I created the 'legal' stealing (you like?).

Heh... to bad the police wouldn't do it in today's world (probably...)

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MadGeniusTrash MadGeniusTrash Mar 09, 2017
Omg it's so easy to imagine all of this!! Author ur real pro
KudouSayo KudouSayo May 29, 2017
They should consider it. Kaito has got a very brilliant mind after all...
illinalove_Gamin illinalove_Gamin Jun 19, 2017
fangirl0311 fangirl0311 Jan 02
Is this also a name in the dub? Cause in the sub it was megure keibu.
fangirl0311 fangirl0311 Jan 02
It’s ok, and also - at least you have a life. I need one. Can someone tell me where I can get it?
fangirl0311 fangirl0311 Jan 02
Now all of a sudden the name "friend of the police" sounds like an approving tital for someone. XD