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Dirty Games

Dirty Games

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TamaraLush By TamaraLush Completed

Catalina and Diego never got over each other after high school, but years later they meet by chance, and multi-millionaire Diego sweeps her off of her feet.
Diego and Catalina never got over their relationship in high school. They separated after someone leaked Catalina's nudes, and since then they've lived separate lives. Diego has gone from an adorable geek to a wealthy, professional e-sports player, while Catalina has had a tougher time and is delivering pizzas for a living. But when she delivers a pizza to Diego's mansion, the two are reunited. They start picking up where they left off, though things get complicated fast: someone re-releases Catalina's nude photos, and that same person "SWATs" Diego, which draws armed police to his mansion ready to shoot him. Is Diego better off without Catalina complicating his life, or is it time for her to step up and fight for the only man she's ever loved?

[[word count: 50,000-60,000 words]]