Dragons are a Girl's Best Friend

Dragons are a Girl's Best Friend

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Joynell Schultz By JoySchultz9 Updated Apr 12

And you thought your parents were controlling? 

When Ruby goes off to college, she can't wait to not have a curfew, to eat ice cream and pizza for breakfast, and most of all, sneak in a little bit of magic.

Being a quarter-witch, Ruby was taught to never use her magic. Everything she did was to fit in with the people who surrounded her.

But Ruby can't hold it in anymore! Magic makes everything so much easier...besides, when her boyfriend of two years breaks up with her, how else is she going to get back at him? Goodbye perfect skin.

Someone should have told her that using her magic made her a target to the few supernaturals still living in this world. Supernaturals who want to steal her magic at any cost. Lucky for Ruby, her childhood imaginary friend comes to save the day...only Luke the Dragon is more trouble than he's worth.

Was making her ex-boyfriend afraid to look in the mirror worth it? Hell yeah.

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