black broken flame of the werewolf

black broken flame of the werewolf

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NUN OF YA By painedheart Updated Jun 11, 2010

heyzzz im sorry that i havent 

uploaded my other story but i 

have been having writers block i promise

 to try to 

upload soon 

i hope

 you like this new story it has been in my head for aboute  

3 years so i thought if i wrote it down 

i would never forget it so 

i hope you like it  


if you do please 

comment and vote it would

 mean alot to me especialy if u 

became a fan 


casanovas pov

"by mike i will see you tommorow"

"bye casanova umm please dont come before 7:30 ok" 

"umm...ok ill txt you later bye" 

well that was weird  why does he always tell me the same thing what could be so important that he would not want me to com e at that time tommorow im going to find out 

i will come early and i dont care what he says he is not my father i will not listen to him he does not own me oh well

i spotted my sisters comet,starfire,and my soulsister stella 

my sisters and i where 

all 16 and well aboute to turn 17 we were all born on the same day exce...

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