Gone (HTTYD and Hiccstrid fanfic)

Gone (HTTYD and Hiccstrid fanfic)

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After Hiccup on the Dragon Training, he still felt weak and useless to everybody because he hasn't even harmed a dragon. Nor would he want to. He knew that everybody wants Hiccup to Kill a dragon, not to ride a dragon. So, this story starts right when he goes into the woods. He was careful not to leave any signs for where he went. 

Astrid finds out that he left and fills something painful. Well Hiccup ever return? What does Astrid feel about this? More importantly, how will Hiccup react to Toothless big surprise?

The HTTYD franchise belong to its respectful owners. I don't own any How To Train Your Dragon characters. I don't own How to Train Your Dragon.
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Nu uh uh no way.... oh who am i kidding ur gonna calls us that anyway
This is the 5th time I've read this book 😂😂 I need to get a life
ThePuntato ThePuntato Feb 03
I want my internet form made into a plushie. A big round potato. That'd be awesome.
may4lieee may4lieee Nov 18, 2016
I like =}. Though it's kinda short, it's nice to read. And I cant argue much, cause its good,
- - Jun 23, 2014
I'm not saying this in a bad way... It's just this fanfic changed the whole first film.... I like it