Fable Warriors (GirlxGirl) [Futanari]

Fable Warriors (GirlxGirl) [Futanari]

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Darkktails By Darkktails Updated Oct 15, 2014

Dedicated to Svetaivanova, because she is awesome.


The right hook connected with her head and sent her flying. Fang cried out in pain when she collided with the arena's concrete walls, the force of the impact causing debris to form at her back.

Fang dropped to the ground, falling to her knees. Her vision was swimming, head pounding, and the roars coming from the rowdy crowd posed above and around them rang loudly in her ears.

Feeling her mouth swell with warm liquid, Fang leaned over and spat out a wad of blood. "Fuck," she cursed, then she stumbled back to her feet, earning a loud roar of approval from her fans.

I shouldn't have taken him lightly, Fang thought.

Fang's opponent was a hulking brute, his large form rippling with layers upon layers of muscle. He had grayish skin, a flat ugly face. Two large broken tusks poked from his bottom lip, and curved horns protruded from his head.

Fang's opponent was an Orc. Any other Fable wouldn't have taken him lightly in the first pl...

KleinStory KleinStory Nov 14, 2015
"Wow, Man!" Is the only thought that came to my mind as I read this story. It feels like Im reading Harry Potter or some fantasy one. I dont know but youre writing and grammar is good. *Eyebrows knit together for being Awe*
SaulMtz07 SaulMtz07 Jul 03, 2014
Please tell me you know what a direwolf is because of Game of Thrones?
SomaDrake SomaDrake Jun 27, 2014
This story is awesome. I enjoyed the action and it seems like the characters are going.to have amazing personalities.
Darkktails Darkktails Jun 23, 2014
@SvetaIvanova Aww shucks. You have me grinning like an absolute fool! I'm so happy that you took the time to read my story, and not only that, you actually enjoyed it! I would love to have you continue to read it, because I did plan on continuing. Thank you, again!
Svetaivanova Svetaivanova Jun 23, 2014
wow...I don't think I ever read a good action story again..that's a job well done. I love the names...and the sequences of the events...the flow is catchy...I hope u keep going...and thank u for u lovely note and dedication <3