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Hec Daevis By HecDaevis Completed

As clueless as everyone assumed me, clumsy extraordinaire, Bennett Oden to be, that couldn't have been farther from the truth. I was one of the most observant people I knew... or at least I assumed. Okay, so perhaps the point was arguable. I could have easily been wrong. Hell, perhaps nobody was calling me clueless at all; I never really paid too much attention to them anyways.

When Mason Locke, a grumpy and shy (but seriously refined... like seriously refined) regular gym member, takes an interest in Bennett... Well, let's just say things get seriously interesting for one clumsy extraordinaire.

[Part of The Awkward Love Series, can be Stand-Alone]

jhime85 jhime85 Jan 05
Benches, door handle, and Charles are evil and are secretly plotting to kill me
jhime85 jhime85 Jan 05
I also don't believe in running 🏃 unless I'm being chased so yeah I get u. I can run an 8 min mile so that's good enough. Any random mugger faster than that has kinda earned my purse and phone
ThatsQuiteSilly ThatsQuiteSilly Dec 30, 2016
Fun fact: in danish gymnasium means high school/college. Very useful information, I know.
oikatrash62 oikatrash62 Dec 31, 2016
Why was Prior Lake named Prior Lake? Prior means before, and there's nothing before Lake. Sometimes I question people.
JDHenrique JDHenrique 4 days ago
I'm back to your stories after a very long time. I have a lot to read!!!!
jhime85 jhime85 Jan 05
Ahh I feel so bad for him. I've been there before and while it doesn't get better you do become immune to the stares caused by excessive clumsyness