[Remus Lupin] Mate? (DISCONTINUED)

[Remus Lupin] Mate? (DISCONTINUED)

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David_10inch By David_10inch Updated Dec 19, 2017

Alexandria Simcox (Alex or Lexi to her friends) has always known she was different. She was a werewolf witch for crying out loud! But she never thought that she would be able to do what she did... Find love with one of the most reclusive guys in the school.

Remus never expected to find love, he didn't think he could ever do it without his other half getting hurt. But when a mysterious Ravenclaw girl catches his attention he knows he has to have her. And when she discovers that he's harbouring a secret she just wants him to feel loved for who he truly is.

When she's only just managed to make them fall in love with one another, is she going to tell him what she's known all along or will she let him work it out himself?

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LOLno doubt it will be awquard but you want to know what? I find this awesome!!!
Tannah2020 Tannah2020 Nov 20, 2016
And imagine the awkwardness when they wake up naked cuddled up together with peter, sirius, and james just starring with their mouths wide open
MissMilk-Stache MissMilk-Stache Dec 11, 2015
Oh my god, that was so bloody adorable, I'm like crying at how cute that was.
terminalConfusion terminalConfusion May 14, 2015
I read Rouge hippogriff and imagined a hippogriff acting like a spy
DeliaIloveRebeccaHar DeliaIloveRebeccaHar Oct 10, 2013
Please write more. I like this beginning and I think you should continue writing. :)
ElizabethRobin ElizabethRobin Sep 11, 2013
Hey is this private because I saw this story like a while ago and I came to see if it was updated but it hasn't been so if its not private do you think you could update please, thanks