Crossroads [On Hold]

Crossroads [On Hold]

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Jax L. P. By JaxCreation Updated Jan 06, 2018

Eliah is a bounty hunter with a short temper and a secret. For six years she's wandered the Mortal Realms, searching for a man - a traitor - with golden eyes and golden hair who goes by the name 'Aramir'.
   Roland is a thief whose head is worth a chest-full of gold. He's quick-fingered, smooth with words, and would rather get captured and escape later than bother with a fight.
    They've got little in common - or they did until a money-grubbing informant decided to double-cross them both. Now, they're looking for the same man. Eliah wants to question him. Roland wants to beat him to a pulp. Together they may just be able to find him.
    Hopefully they won't kill each other first.

   Note: chapter views and comments in some case may not make sense as I split some chapters due to length.

    Music (Prologue) courtesy of @malakeyegod.
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