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Written by  Akriti pathak aka @simaya08.

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I pushed him and tried to run out of his cabin trying hard not to let him find out about my vulnerability. I now get it that it was worst idea for me to come into his cabin. It was his trick to talk to me.

As i reached the glass door and was about to open, i felt a pair of firm hands slowly encircled my waist and in a nanosecond  i was glued and pinned across the nearby wall and a manly pair of lips were smacked to my soft ones and i realized that i was being kissed rather being eaten by this sexy as sin hell of a man whom i love like life.

I felt his hands slowly started running over my petite waist and doing patterns over there creating a howk in my system. I wasn't actually responding, not to blame myself for being still shocked. I felt him frowned and slowly his hands went down and grabbed my butts making me gasped. His one hand was grabbing my butt while the other one was massaging my hair.
It was my boundary. I went on my toes and grabbed his hair and smacked my lips hard to him responding him. 

I felt his smirk grown wider. I came back to my senses and pulled back immediately. I tried to get out of his hold but failed as usual. He grabbed my cheek while caressing it softly with his magical fingers while leaning on forehead keeping his closing his eyes. 
A tear ran down  from my eye in spite of my attempts. I felt him frowned and rubbing my tear away from my cheek. " let me go. " i whisper. NEVER was his reply. 
" you have to rd. Your mom practically hates me like nothing " . 

" I .. i .. i know and i  can't go against her " as he said which i already knew but still that made me sighed sadly. I tried to push him but he grabbed me closer stilling me on him.

" but i will not let you go, you are mine. And i OWN YOU

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