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Amelia (Ame) Fosters was socially awkward. Her only friends were her stuffed panda Mr. Fancy and his wife the stuffed liger Mrs. Fancy. She didn't know how to talk to people let alone boys.       

So when her parents decide that it'd be best if she spent the summer with her aunt in Southern California she didn't expect a house of four drop dead gorgeous boys to love next door.       

They all take an interest in the girl next door and plan to bring her out of her shell.       

Can they do it?       

A story filled with laughter, parties, bonfires, lots of blushing, down right craziness and maybe a little bit of romance?

  • adventure
  • aunts
  • awkwardness
  • bonfire
  • boys
  • california
  • crazy
  • fling
  • friends
  • fun
  • funny
  • love
  • new
  • parties
  • romance
  • social
  • summer
I think they’re having sex cos in the airplane the mini screen can only be heard by the earpiece
sarahcpvchs14 sarahcpvchs14 Oct 28, 2017
i really have no preference or i’m mostly in between. the only rule i have is that if i try to hug you, it’s a must to hug me back. If you try to hug me without me knowing, i curl up in a ball or cRINGe
hamidah42 hamidah42 Dec 29, 2017
Ok she need friends u don’t just do that it’s creepy and depressing  😞
invisiblecastaway invisiblecastaway Jul 27, 2017
Calum Hood, Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin, Michael Clifford, Shawn Mendes, Harry Styles
SugarGendis SugarGendis Nov 08, 2017
And i have my green ugly blanket. 
                              And I'm thirty with three kids.
lxvbna lxvbna Feb 09
I used to be socially awkward (still am- but not as much) but not to this extent 😂 and it’s mainly because I only had one best friend for 7 years and my parents never let me out