Two Can Play At This Game (A Harry Styles Love Story)(Completed)

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Princess Anna By 1Dnialler Completed
Harry and Liberty were childhood sweethearts until Harry became part of a world famous boy band One Direction. His attitude for life changes completely, but for the bad, leaving Liberty behind broken hearted, as he moves on with his life. Several years later the pair is reunited at college, and Harry notices that she won’t pay attention to him, determined to change that. Harry goes out of his way to get her attention, trying everything and anything, but whatever he does fails.  Liberty takes Harry for a ride, just like he did all those years ago, getting revenge is sweet. The pair realise strange feelings they have for each other that actually never went away. Once they both finish taking each other for a ride, will they become closer or even further apart?
My geography teacher is named Mr. Anderson and I fûcking hate geography so..
did we seriously need to know the color of your phone *inserts laughing emoji* (im not hating ok)
I fall for boys who don't like me back all the time my lifestyle
well if you're a fangirl u go through everyday loving someone who won't love u back and some of these people r fictional(╥_╥)
I don't get when some body  write a book and a lot of people read no body leave  a comment  but when she dose  it every body leaved a comment  that's just funny