Luck and Death at the Edge of the World

Luck and Death at the Edge of the World

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Security specialist Gat Burroughs died once and he'll be damned if he lets it happen again. Unfortunately, somebody is determined to kill his client, a washed-up star named Max Prince, and isn't afraid to go through Gat to do it.

Is it Max's debauched granddaughter and heir? Is it the deadly Suerte y Muerte, a cult that kills to steal good luck? Is it Max's own lawyer and manager, James Jerome?

And how on earth did the would-be assassin get past Max Prince's top-grade AI, the one that's adopted the likeness of computer pioneer Alan Turing?

Gat will have to follow the clues through L.A.'s underworld, the slums of Mexico City, and his own guilty past to find the surprising answer.

“A great science fiction detective story ” - Ian Watson, author of "The Universal Machine: From the Dawn of Computing to Digital Consciousness"

** The Gat Burroughs Series **

This is the first book in the Gat Burroughs series, which includes novels and shorter fiction. 

Gat Burroughs is a security specialist in Los Angeles after The Fall -- not so much an apocalypse as a social collapse that changed the world he knew. The United States has been replaced by the enclaves -- former states and megacities that are now nations. Large swaths of the country have collapsed utterly, regressing to pre-technological Grey Zones. 

Even in L.A., which remains largely intact, the polite face of democracy has largely been stripped away and the gap between the haves and the have-nots has become a vast gulf, with little space in between.

But Gat is determined to find a way to make a life for himself without compromising his humanity.

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** Other Titles in the Series **

"Felon and the Judas Kiss" -- available on Amazon and Kobo.
"Los Angeles Honey" -- coming soon.

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