Mr. Hot Alpha Kidnapper (On Hold)

Mr. Hot Alpha Kidnapper (On Hold)

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RBLove22 By RBLove22 Updated Dec 01, 2015

The only thing Skylar wanted to do was go to her grandma's house for winter break with her twin sister and big brother. 

But when they make a quick stop to go eat at a small dinner something unexpected happens. Skylar and her siblings get kidnapped by Skylar's hot Alpha mate. 

Follow her as she struggles with the lies, truths, secrets,mysteries, heartbreaks, and the possibility of falling in love that her mate is about to throw in into her life.

  • angel
  • escaping
  • humans
  • kidnapping
  • love
  • mates
  • romance
  • supernatural
  • vampires
  • witches
Finally they don't have blond hair *no offence to blonds everywhere*
atomictears atomictears Aug 09, 2016
*glares* SOMEONE COMMITTED A MURDERR! THERES BLOODY PAW PRINTS jk. I don't think it killed anyone *in deep voice* yet
dancingtacos23 dancingtacos23 Feb 24, 2016
You know, why didn't they just get in their stinkn car and drive off inro the sunset? 😩
atomictears atomictears Aug 09, 2016
Ah, the classic. *opens large book* lets see... Alpha mate eats main protagonist? 
                              That's not right, I MEANT that he 'surprise adopts' her and eats the grandmum. Jk
Kaceymai1999 Kaceymai1999 Feb 05, 2016
My twin brother is an ass cause he's older by 6 mins I'm using this line next time
08BarbixChico13 08BarbixChico13 Feb 06, 2016
Oh.. I'm already loving this so far.. this is like a mix of "Little Red Riding Hood" and "Hansel and Gretel" since she has siblings and they get kidnapped and all except there aren't any Gingerbread Houses and nor any Evil Witches.. well you know what I mean.. (how many times have I said "and") XD