Unforgettable Love • NaLu •

Unforgettable Love • NaLu •

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Aiah Mendez ♥ By SerenadeThis Completed

Former Title: The Lost Memories...
" Even though my mind forgotten about you , my heart couldn't ... Or I'd rather say it wouldn't ..."

He suddenly disappear , she just wait . 3 years have passed she's still waits hoping he'd come back until she heard a news that really break her .

Another 2 years have passed , He came back trying to find answers to his thoughts . And then he saw her , He felt a sudden rage that he knew her for so long and that she's very important to his life .

He tries to get her heart but he already have a Fiancé and she's getting married in 2 weeks .

what will gonna happen to this complicated story ?

©to Hiro Mashima , i don't own FairyTail Characters ...


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