My happiness ~ Ban fanfic

My happiness ~ Ban fanfic

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xox_cutie By xox_cutie Updated Apr 15

After being accused of a crime you didn't do, you were kicked out of Liones. A few years later, you saved your childhood friend Elizabeth from kidnapping and the Captain of the Seven Deadly Sins offered for you to join the team. But what happens when there's a certain fox that catches your eye and peeks your interest? On top of that, you seem to have this mysterious power deep inside of you...


I felt a pair of eyes on me. I turned around and I was right. Someone was staring at me. "What?"
"I didn't say anything." He smirked as he walked towards me. 
My brow quirked up, feeling rather suspicious. "Why are you looking at me like that?" I questioned. 
"Because you're beautiful."
"Oh my god..." I covered my face in my hands, hiding my reddened face. I felt him approach me and gently took my hands away from my face. "I am in love with you."
I rolled my eyes, showing him my visible blush on my cheeks. 
"I am in love with you!" He repeated smiling widely, this time grabbing my waist and took my face in his hands.
"That's too bad, cause I hate you." I stuck my tongue out. 
He scoffed and rolled his scarlet orbs. "Shut up, you love me."
"Hate you." I said, crossing my arms in front of me. 
"Love me." He said grinning, inching closer to my face, out noses almost touching. 
I chuckled and sighed. "Yeah..." I admitted, wrapping my arms around his neck and kissed his soft lips gently.

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