Mark Snow  : Fibromyalgia & Stress Continued Service Speclist in Utah

Mark Snow : Fibromyalgia & Stress Continued Service Speclist in Utah

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West Valley Chiropractic By wvchiro Updated Jun 21, 2014

Even if you are able to walk away from a car crash, don't assume that you are "OK". Too often people will think that just because they do not have any broken bones, and they are not bleeding that they are not injured. This is not the case. Even if you have been checked at the emergency room, or by your family physician, there is likely injuries that they either do not detect, or do not treat, or both. You need to be checked by a certified automobile accident occupant injury specialist to find and treat those hidden soft tissue injuries that will cause you years of expense and grief if it is left untreated.

Studies have shown that those suffering with Fibromyalgia have altered sleep patterns, and do not get enough of the deep "Delta Wave Sleep". This causes a decreased secretion of growth hormone which is necessary for the repair of micro trauma in soft tissue caused by everyday activity. Braincore Neurofeedback therapy is an effective way to regulate brainwaves thereby helping the Fib...

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