Table of Contents 
    Free Verse: Gypsy
    Acrostic-Etheree-Reverse Etheree: Tenderness
    Pantoum: Mystic Waters
    Conceit: He's Like a Shawl
    Haibun: Diamond Moon
    Refrain: Lushness so Lusted 
    Haiku Trilogy: Hunters 
    Anaphor: Out of the Rain
    Aliliteration: Savage Seasons
    Dectine Refrain: The Moon as Muse
just want to let you know that 'g*psy' is an extremely offensive slur to refer to Romani as. you might upset many people, just letting you know! :^)
Loved the imagery, the brown landscape, Swan's neck, and my fav "my thighs close to preserve my love's ache" and "river running through my breath" 
                                    One of the most original and beautifully stringed words I hv read here on wattpad. Thanks for sharing this :-) vtd
My breath is in the silence 
                                    of your voice
                                    in the strenght of your eyes 
                                    my life.
that was amazingly captivating beautiful and oh so vivid
Beautiful poem! I like how the conversation flows in a subtle way beneath the verses!
Wow! Words woven together so beautifully...such a gift...keep it up!