Dark Mage {Fairy tail }

Dark Mage {Fairy tail }

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Description is inside the book!! 

Edited by: Chrisiecub_2001

cover by: -Mirajane_Strauss-

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And I've found the Holy Chicken Nugget and Satanist Mr. Potato.
RavenJessica RavenJessica Oct 13, 2017
And I found your death
                              Do you want it??
                              Here take it
                              *Stabs you a hundred times while listening to the sounds of your screams and laughs saying how fun it is*
                              You broke
                              I wanted to have more fun with you
                              Dang it, I guess I have to find someone else to play with. ^^
silver-wall silver-wall Jul 30, 2016
I agree with Korellatrix, but I think the description should give away the end a little, personally. Sometimes I'll say a little something about my story, like it's about all the ships' kids,  usually I might get one read a week.
Delaineyedwards Delaineyedwards Jul 31, 2016
Erza is my spirit animal! NOT THAT SHE IS AN ANIMAL!!! PLEASE DONT KILL ME!!
MadoshiHikari MadoshiHikari Aug 21, 2016
I found my clock
                              I should go to bed it's half past two am
                              Meh, whatever
somerandomstuff somerandomstuff Jun 24, 2014
Awesome!  please update as soon as possible cuz i am REALLY REALLY CURIOS. By the way, sorry if I'm impatient. :(