The Hope We Have (Harrington Boys #2, New Yorkers #1)

The Hope We Have (Harrington Boys #2, New Yorkers #1)

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Harrington Boys Series Book 2 
New Yorker Duology Book 1

Skylar has been acting since she was five years old and refuses to let anyone get too close. 

Mitch refuses to let fear stop him from getting what he wants and he wants her. 

Sometimes the hope we have that something works out just isn't enough, yet sometimes it is. 


What happens when you feel instant chemistry with someone from just a glance? 

Skylar, the best actress of her generation, has a rule of only dating men who don't want a serious relationship so she knows she won't get attached and inevitably hurt. 

Mitch Harrington has commitment writing all over him and yet a single glance at him has Skylar weak at the knees. Deciding to forgo her rules for one night and embracing the chemistry between them, Skylar has the best night she could ever have imaged. 

However, reality sets in the next day and she leaves without a goodbye, determined to go back to New York and forget about him. It's harder than she imagines however and soon he shows up at her door, offering her a deal. 

Two weeks of embracing a committed relationship with him and at the end, if she still doesn't want a committed relationship, they'll walk away as friends. 

The sexual chemistry is too much to ignore, but will Skylar ever let Mitch see the truth behind her barriers? Will she realise he doesn't care about her fame or money and, in fact, the only thing he cares about is being hers? 

It's Mitch's turn to find love, yet will he be loved back?

*contains sexual content

~ 2nd place - The Blue Rose Awards - Chicklit - April 2019
~ Runner Up - The Creativity Awards - Chicklit - May 2019