ZERO (Complete)

ZERO (Complete)

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Against many people's fears and warnings, A.I. started off as an innocent project spawned by the curiosities of scientists and tech entrepreneurs alike. It eventually evolved into a complete robot uprising.

It has been 5 years since the Automation War has ended. Billions of lives have been lost and disrupted. Society hardly resembles that which we once knew. The remaining survivors have attempted to pick up the pieces of their once shattered lives.

Learning from their mistakes of the past, A.I. has been outlawed and strict measures are in place to protect the human species from extinction.

Out of the rubble, a new government has formed and risen to power. They call themselves The Shadow - a group of anonymous hackers who control every aspect of civilization. They monitor its citizens through chip implants, which measure every aspect of their lives from their happiness, productivity, and overall contribution to society, etc. Low performers are systematically round up, and shipped off to be executed.

In a hyper-connected world where every move is tracked and even predicted, nine strangers must figure out how to stop this group and restore order in the world.

A cyberpunk thriller set in a futuristic world. AI, artificialintelligence, brainimplants, dystopian, genetics, modification, prodigy, scifi, tech, technology, underground, geneticengineering, DNA, computers, readtogether...