Shadow Bound (coming soon)

Shadow Bound (coming soon)

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Makayla Sophia By MakaylaSophia Updated Mar 13

Scarlet has been living a lie.

When she was a child, she was adopted by the Stuarts, the highest ranking members of the Light Coven vampires. She has been waiting her entire life for her vampire transition ceremony, but when that night finally arrives she makes a frightening discovery. A mysterious figure named Adrian appears, and he gives her a warning: the Stuarts only wanted her for her hidden power, and if she follows through the transition, she could doom the Shadow Coven vampires and Humanity itself.

She's the heir to the powerful Grey throne, a family that keeps the balance in the paranormal world. If the Light Coven gain access to her throne, there's no turning back to peace. 

Betrayed, Scarlet learns Adrian is the missing prince of the Shadow Coven. To stop the Stuarts from transitioning her against her will, she makes a bargain with Adrian and binds herself to him.  Now, free of the Stuarts and the Light Coven, Scarlet sets out with Adrian to reclaim her throne and stop her old family from dooming everyone.

She might be able to do it, if she can resist her new urges and figure out the balance between right and wrong, because light isn't always good, and shadow isn't always evil.

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