If Ever I Would Leave You

If Ever I Would Leave You

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Lola N'yo 😂 By AnakDalita Completed

A tragic event leads to the death of their family members, leaving Bonnie and Sylvia the only "family" to themselves. Bonnie, young as she is, has grown attached and possessive of her Ate Sylvia. Just imagine her distaste when Sylvia's boyfriend, Conrad, comes into the picture. Years have passed but Bonnie still can't find herself liking Conrad.

Eventually, Conrad asks for Sylvia's hand in marriage. The young lady says "Yes," but of course Bonnie isn't glad about Conrad's proposal. To her, it's just like Sylvia is being taken away from her. Now, she even begins to despise her future brother-in-law...

So what happens next after the supposed engagement of Sylvia and Conrad?

Note: I do not own the rights for the song "If Ever I Would Leave You." Credits to the original owners of the mentioned title of the song.

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  • drama
  • family
  • past
  • trauma
AnakDalita AnakDalita Jun 07, 2012
                              It must be really one of the catches of posting one-shot stories...
obelisk_0007 obelisk_0007 Jun 02, 2012
Well, you can try to lengthen the chapters? It's a one-page-per-chapter syndrome, so It would be lovelier if the chapters were more...lengthy.