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"It's Ok Loren We Can Play This Game." I Cried Clutching My Little Pink Tank Top. 

"No Uncle Ray, Please Stop" He Left The Room Making Me Think That He'd Given Up, But I Was Beyond Shocked When He Came Back With My Father."Daddy!" I Jumped Out Of The Bed Running To Him. "Loren Why Are You Acting Up?" I Was More Than Confused. "Daddy I Didn't Do Anything" I Cried. Daddy Was Rarely Ever Home, And Neither Was Momma. Momma Was Always Working So That She Could Feed Me. I Was Always Stuck With Uncle Ray When No One Was Home.

"Lay Your Little Ass On That Bed And Let Him Play With You!" I Broke Into A Loud Sob Making Him Smack Me. "Hold Her Ass Ray"  Uncle Ray Grabbed My Hair And Drug Me To The Bed. My Father Began To  Unbutton His Jeans And Take Off His Shirt Making Me Scared. "Daddy, Please No" I Squirmed On The Bed As Uncle Ray Pulled My Pants And Underwear Off. "Since You Wanna Cry I Got Something That'll Make You Cry" My Dad Struck My Face. He Rammed Himself Into Me All While Choking Me. I Screamed And Screamed As Uncle Ray Kissed My Chest And Took My Shirt Off. "Shut The Fuck Up!" Uncle Ray Punched Me In The Mouth, I Felt The Blood Oozing To My Chin. I Lay On The Bed As The Two Take Turns Raping Me. 

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN HERE!?" My Mom Shrieked At The Sight Before Her. She Pulled Out Her Cell Phone Trying To Run Out Of The Room. My Dad Left My Side Running Over To Her. Grabbing My Mother By The Hair, He Began To Brutally Beat Her. She Fought Back But There Was No Use. My Father Began Raping Her As My Uncle Rapped Me. My Eyes Began To Feel Heavy, I Tried To Keep Them Open But I Couldn't.  


I Heard Shots But Couldn't See Anything. "Lets Go Ray" I Heard Scuffing, And Scurrying Before My Eyes Finally Shut.

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shapariira shapariira Mar 26, 2016
I love this story update soon..
                               Cant wait to read what happens next.
                              Lots of love
leahdanyelle__ leahdanyelle__ Oct 08, 2014
Loren and dylan needs to kill the dad then that'll be all :D Loving the story
VidaWrites VidaWrites Oct 03, 2014
I feel so bad for her , I'm mad she has to go through that. I like the story though