For 24 Hours ➳ Soobin

For 24 Hours ➳ Soobin

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sleeping beauty By -almondmilkk Updated Nov 11, 2019

"I think it's better to have you for just 24 hours than to never have had you at all."

The moment Choi Soobin transferred to my school, I knew I liked him. Well, what's not to like? He's nice, talented, a gentleman- He's every girl's dream guy! 
There's no way he would notice me.

What's to like about me? I'm plain, simple, and boring. For two years, I've never had the courage to talk to him, but not until this party happened. We had the most exhilarating game of truth or dare.

And then, the bottle lands on me. I was dared to be Choi Soobin's girlfriend for 24 hours.

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