Down Low Thug Confessions

Down Low Thug Confessions

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Tyler, Nate, Skittles, Starburst, Sprinkles, Rainbow, etc. By -S3xplanation- Updated Mar 27, 2016


I was sitting in the alley by a dumpster trying to find somewhere to comfortably sleep. I haven't been with Lewis for about a week and I didn't want to go back. He didn't want me so I wouldn't want to keep him unhappy. I really don't care that  I ended up here because of him. Everyone isn't trust worthy and this only proves it. I was reliving all the moments that I've had with Lewis until I heard some footsteps. I looked up and it was someone coming down the alley.

" Get up, your going home. " I heard the familiar voice of Lewis. He tried to help get my up, but I snatched away from him. " What home Lewis? Don't try and act like you want me back. " He sat next to me and looked in my eyes. He sighed and cupped both sides of my face and said, " I don't know who told you that shit and I really don't give a fuck. I care about you more than anyone else. Jamal you worth more than you think but you seem to not see it. The truth is... " He paused. I didn't know how to respond to him . Fuck I didn't know how to react.He went back to talking," The truth is I love you, more than you think. I would cook for you every morning, kiss you whenever you want, buy what you need, take you anywhere you want to go and make love to you anytime you want. " We were just staring at each other until I kissed him...


Jamal is a 17 year old African american thug who's seen to much. He's had a rough back story and he has the chance to make it up , get a new life which was something he's been wishing for. After a Second life program put him into a school he's been faced with challenges of meeting up with his past life. Follow Jamal through his Journey through Love, sex, drugs and his sexual preference.

***** WARNING ******* BoyxBoy story so please exit if your uncomfortable because I don't have time with homophobic.

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mickie96 mickie96 May 16
how the hell did he get in the room would be my first thought
QueenLeo90 QueenLeo90 Nov 07, 2017
Hhmmmm I'm so confused... Is this a halfway house? With full apartments? I'm ready to read the next chapter 😎😎😎
mickie96 mickie96 May 16
you left just enough questions to get me to want to continue reading
24jeremy 24jeremy May 05, 2016
I love their personalities, they seem similar. I love his perspective, he is discovering and adjusting. You could have given more description though. Facial expression. Hairstyle and complexion, lips. But it was great!
Zykiko Zykiko Feb 06, 2017
like the story but what thug u know talking bout "I was sitting there in my black hoodie"
Halla1million Halla1million Dec 21, 2015
It's Good! Just Don't Make The Thug To Soft! Make Him A Little More Edged & Take Ur Time & Write Don't Rush PERFECTION