Hollywood Hero

Hollywood Hero

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Madelle Morgan By MadelleMorgan Updated Sep 20

Personal assistant Wendy Davila is in love with her boss, Halden Armstrong, megastar of the Apollo superhero film franchise. But she can't compete with the succession of stick-thin blond beauties he's caught and released. Or can she?

When Halden asks Wendy to accompany him to buy a wilderness fishing retreat in Muskoka, it's her chance to remake her dark-haired, curvy self into his ideal woman and set her hook for Halden.

Halden has been burned by love. The last thing he wants is a woman like his ex who faked it until she hooked him. Wendy is special, and the private trip is an opportunity to explore his feelings for her.

However, the Greek god has an Achilles' heel. Can he trust Wendy with a secret that could ruin his career? And will she still care when she learns the truth?