The Secretive Bad Girl

The Secretive Bad Girl

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Jane By JanessaGirl14 Completed

Well Jordan,Jane and jade have been friends for 2/3years they are very close,they've been with each other through thick and thin.They've been in and out of foster care.Everywhere they go they get into trouble.And don't forget they are of course the bad girls but everybody at there school calls them"the jays"and to top it all off there is queen bitch,jenny and her side puppets Diana and Kayla.They are enimeys and how are they supposed to get along when they live underneath the same roof?And are foster sisters?That's just more fights and prank wars And of course theres baby girl, Lea(leah) she is everything to the girls and they would do anything for her.

And don't forget there is three bad boys that happen to transfer to their school.December,Daryl,and Norman. The drool worthy, hot, sexy, funny, cocky, bad boys. so what happens when they are in trouble,have prank wars,fight,and fall in love?But most importantly what happens when their lives are turned upside down by three certain  bad boys? Especially when the three bad sexy, hot had girls were sent there for a reason? Which reason might that be?

This book contains guns, knifes, killings, and bad language.

  • action
  • badboys
  • badgirls
  • danger
  • drama
  • fight
  • grouphome
  • guns
  • knifes
  • love
  • prankwars
  • romance
  • secretive
  • silence
  • war
123samiralove 123samiralove Nov 26, 2016
I love her can she be my sister I will give you my brother And 6000000000000000 buck
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😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 omg I need to breath
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I would of said "Now that I look at you, it's nothing much" XD
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. . . Is it bad that I immediately thought Kraft Dinner?? 😅