His Broken Mate

His Broken Mate

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aly By _nyctophile_ Updated Oct 13, 2016

***TRIGGER WARNING: this book contains an actual SERIOUS and ACCURATE picture of mental illness and many other things abusive parents, self harm, etc***

small disclaimer: this book is completely unedited and contains spelling/grammar errors.

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"Did you're sister tell you anything about mates?"He asks, sitting down on the edge of the bed next to me.I nod in response. "Okay, how much do you know?"

"That mates are made for each other."I answer him softly.

"Do you know who your mate is?"Tyler asks me. My heart sinks and I look down at my feet and nod slowly. He takes my chin in his hand and tips it up so I look at him in the eye. "Who's your mate, darling?"

"Y-you are."I stutter.

"Good girl."He smirks before moving his hands to wrap around my waist and pulls me onto his lap so that I'm straddling him."And you know why I gave you this?"

He moves my hair off my shoulder to reveal his bite mark.He traces around the teeth marks lightly with the tip of his finger, causing electricity to run throughout my body.The smirk on his face proves that he knows the affect he has on me.

"It's to show that you're mine."Tyler says."That you belong to me,every little inch of you.That no one else will ever touch you the way I do,you're mine."

I had a dollar for every time I heard that description I would be Donald trump
Xx_k1llxa_z0ldyck_xX Xx_k1llxa_z0ldyck_xX Aug 22, 2016
I can relate 100% to this girl. It feels like you wrote the story of my life but changed my name
mrs-steal-yo-mannnnn mrs-steal-yo-mannnnn Sep 26, 2016
Basically me. Minus the bullying part cause I'll beat a bítches aśś.
AnnaCpker AnnaCpker Jan 22
3 -1_me and him w out. The people I between w beginning some were  in time
Udita1D Udita1D Nov 28, 2016
I always tell myself do not read related stories of yourself but I can't help my self.
Xx_k1llxa_z0ldyck_xX Xx_k1llxa_z0ldyck_xX Aug 22, 2016
wow you wrote a story about me, where are the suicidal thoughts to complete the package, OH and you can't forget insomnia and self harm