Perspective. |H.S| Harry Styles

Perspective. |H.S| Harry Styles

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Jane Doe By MysteryMixtapes Updated Jun 20


Have you ever met someone that made falling feel like flying?


"Do you think, if you jumped from this roof - it'd feel like falling or flying?" I ask, keeping up with our theme of asking random useless questions that we've been going back and forth with for the past half hour.

I stare at my feet swinging back and forth, looking down at the alleyway behind the building; pondering the question over in my head that I often wonder too much about.

I glance over to Harry when he doesn't answer straight away and he's watching me with a look I can't read.

"Unless you were a bird or could fly, it would just feel like falling. Because you'd know you were going to hit the ground" he decides to answer, staring at me like he's somewhat bothered that I asked him that.

I look back down at the ground, and shrug my shoulders, "I think if you didn't care about hitting the ground it could feel like flying for a few seconds."