Picture Perfect ~ A Justin Bieber Story ~

Picture Perfect ~ A Justin Bieber Story ~

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ChiChi Day By ListenJustListen Updated Apr 13, 2011

Sure, everyone knows Justin Bieber. Except Jade Verona. What would happen if Jade, a normal small town girl, takes the wrong plane and end up in Hollywood? On top of that shes an orphan. She can't go back to the safety of her orphanage, so she has to stay and live in Hollywood. When she stumbles into a camera shoppe, she meets Kirsten Rivera and energetic photographer, who owns the camera store. She takes pictures of celebrities and in return sells them to the press. Turns out, you can make big bucks out of some priceless photos. So, Kirsten lets Jade into her home. With one condition. She needs to get some pics of Justin Bieber. Easy right? That's what Jade thought, until she got caught by Mr. Justin himself. He is kind of pissed off at first, but as he gets to learn more and more about Jade, he lets her take the pictures. If she does anything he says.

Picture Perfect

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JKMarie7 JKMarie7 Dec 01, 2012
I love this cause my name is jade ,
                              very good book you should finish (write more chapters)
primadonnamuke primadonnamuke Dec 26, 2011
I love that song! It's one of those ones where you don't like it at first but ten you love it lol!
mandyfreak09 mandyfreak09 May 17, 2011
:) i love it! can't wait till the biebs caomes in <3 ahaha (=
MISSMiSsA MISSMiSsA Mar 25, 2011
I agree with the first comment as well, I don't like JB but I do love your story ideas and I enjoy reading your work. Oh and you have a typo last paragraph first page. It should be rapidly instead of rapifly :) Nice story so far, original plot...I like it! Can't wait to read more.
JojoSayyzWat JojoSayyzWat Mar 23, 2011
im hooked, hooked, hooked! really original i dea, never heard naything like this!!
RespectfulRose RespectfulRose Mar 22, 2011
@ListenJustListen well i helped u when it was in the works....why not continue supporting it??