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Be There

Be There

811 Reads 43 Votes 2 Part Story
A (Pronounced Haiiiiiii;) By dAmPhIrNmOrOiLuVeR Updated Aug 30, 2011

Meet Leslie Dunning, a charismatic girl working in one of her favorite stores. Everyone believes her life is perfect, but is it really? No one really knows it, but her life isn't as perfect as it seems. She was tortured for years by a man who still haunts her dreams. 

   While at work she meets the handsome Jason Peters who needed help getting something for his girlfriend, Mia Silver. A friendship between the two of them begins, while he comes to her for everything. He even tells her about his plan to propose to his girlfriend, but he comes home to find Mia cheating on him.

   Heartbroken, he goes to Leslie for help and starts to fall for her unexpectedly. One day he notices peculiar scars on her back. Leslie, not knowing what else to do, tells him the truth. Outraged, Jason convinces her to move in with him. 

   Will Jason be able to show her he loves her more than just a friend, especially when her life seems to be getting worse by the minute?

dAmPhIrNmOrOiLuVeR dAmPhIrNmOrOiLuVeR Oct 15, 2011
@zoeybird323 Thanks and I answered ur question on ur profile page(: 
                              She did a good job didn't she?:D
BrooklynBby_ BrooklynBby_ Oct 15, 2011
I saw this on one of the share your story forums, your summary is unbelievable!! :D and your cover is CRAZY amazing! who did it??
dAmPhIrNmOrOiLuVeR dAmPhIrNmOrOiLuVeR Sep 25, 2011
@HolyCheeseWiz Oops...sorry for just responding! I BARELY saw this! Swear!
                              And thank you for the comment!(:
dAmPhIrNmOrOiLuVeR dAmPhIrNmOrOiLuVeR Sep 01, 2011
@punkinpie36 Thanks and the next chapter has already been uploaded in case u didn't read chapter 1...(:
MariaStefaan_ MariaStefaan_ Aug 31, 2011
It's a nice idea, I think the prologue should have a different start cause it don't drag u in when it stars saying, I'm, Or My name is, Or Meet *Persons Name* shes/ his....
                              You get my point! Whatever its a nice story! it just needs some work *VOTED*
dAmPhIrNmOrOiLuVeR dAmPhIrNmOrOiLuVeR Aug 31, 2011
@NerdyBevs I did...this was just the blurb and I already have the chapter done and posted...if you wanted to check it out:D
                              @TheDanya Thanks! And I did! Just click on the 'Chapter 1' button(: