Hope is a Four Letter Word {George Weasley}

Hope is a Four Letter Word {George Weasley}

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"You know," I said with a bit of a smug look as I looked down at the last word to be found in the crossword. "Hope is a four letter word."

"So is dead," George answers, a serious look on his face. My smile dropped as he moved the crossword back into the pile of old newspapers.


Iris Parkinson is one of the most hopeful girls you will ever meet. Besides having a dead brother, having her sister try to kill her and loving her engaged best friend, she has a good life. 

Its always look on the bright side for her. There's no looking back into the past, she just looks ahead.

So what happens when she finds her complete opposite that used to be exactly like her?

George Weasley is alone. Besides having six other siblings and a loving mum and dad, he is alone. They don't understand his pain. No one does. It was his twin, his other half. And he's gone.

Cover credit : imminence_

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Saying yes to a man you don't understand? Good idea, girl, good idea.
apotterphan apotterphan Mar 21, 2017
They literally just described me other than the eye color😭
omfg-she-fuckin-dead omfg-she-fuckin-dead Apr 14, 2017
Um... Not to brag or anything but Pansy's actor is actually hot af
422527a 422527a Aug 28, 2017
You know those books that you just know are going to be amazing by the first paragraph well this is one of them
sasha_alvarado sasha_alvarado Nov 16, 2017
Percy can go f*ck himself not all Slytherins are that bad. FYI I’m not a Slytherin but they aren’t that bad.
meme_hell_is_tumblr meme_hell_is_tumblr Jun 29, 2016
Random person at wedding: So...how long were you two dating before you asked her?
                              Draco: Oh, about 16 years.