Unfinished Business [Sequel to: THUG MENTALITY]

Unfinished Business [Sequel to: THUG MENTALITY]

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taay By QveenxTaay Updated Feb 04, 2017

Don't read this book unless you have read "Thug Mentality" which is the first book. If you read this before the first book, you will be confused about all the drama & beef that will be in this book.

Everybody heard their story.

But this, is my story.

And believe me when I say, that everything aint what they made it seem.

I looked like the bad guy, but i'm far from it. But I think it's about time to pull some of the skeletons out of the closet.

And trust me, secrets will be revealed, trusts will be shattered, hearts will be broken, cause everything coming to the light.

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