Serena Valentine isn't your average sixteen-year old girl. She's determined, stubborn, and decisive. She also happens to be an agent of the ICI; a spy commission only the government knows about. When Serena is assigned her first mission, it's the opposite from what she was expecting.                           
    Serena must go undercover as a high school student at the school of Summington. She'll have to deal with her team, the craziness of high school, and the real definition of spy. High school was not anything Serena was expecting. But when you're a spy, you have to be ready for anything.
You hot me hooked when you said rain,right there and then I know this story and I will have a great future
Well I ain't gonna lie London is pretty cold but I love cold so I don't mind living there
@forever_marshmallow Oh sorry it was meant for joharaholoroso
I can already tell I'm gonna love this! Great start! I'm gonna stay up all night reading it. Oh well! :)
I haven't read the book yet, but it sounds really good! You already got me interested just from the prologue!!
Ooh, I'm excited to start reading! And I recongize your cover! Isn't that picture by megggggsssss on instagram?