Miss Prodigy Got Reincarnated into an Overpowered Villainess

Miss Prodigy Got Reincarnated into an Overpowered Villainess

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Airi Haruka is an icy girl who was said to be a prodigy with her grades being top of her grade. She always got first but at home it's different and it's difficult. As she got older she was abandoned and she trained to become a mercenary and her only comfort being manga and Otome games. One day after coming back from a mission she was struck by lightning? What's up with this you know what whatever. She then was told she must be reincarnated and guess what it was against her will. Once she reincarnated she was born in a world of swords and magic as the Duke's daughter of Lisette Kingdom. Then realizing it a bit late she found out she was a Villainess of her old 2nd favourite Otome game. 

The endings a really lazy ending so it's unsatisfying just going to say that now!

Hey, it's the author and I'm just saying uh... thanks for looking at my story it's my first one and it's pretty bad but you know I'm just having fun with it thanks for taking a look. :) The first few chapters might be a bit rushed as I wanted to mainly have an adventure story. I hope you enjoy. I think this should be obvious but I'm going to say it again I DO NOT OWN ANY PICTURES and are all owned by their respective owner.

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