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Levi's Waifu By samsang2129 Updated Oct 12, 2014

There's a shop down the street where they sell plastic rings for a quarter a piece I swear it

Yeah I know that it's cheap not like gold in your dreams but I hope that you'll still wear it.

Yeah, the ink may stain my skin and my jeans may all be ripped, I'm not perfect, but I swear I'm perfect for you.

And there's no guarantee that this will be easy, it's not miracle you need, believe me. And I'm no angel, I'm just me, but I will love you endlessly. 

Wings are't what you need, you need me.

* * * * *

Levi is a filthyly rich 22 year old, who lives his life like a king. His parents were long gone, he lives with his little sister, he has a girlfriend and he is the ruler, he has butlers and maids, he can get anything he want, and he's happy.
Eren is the opposite. The 19 year old lives in the streets, he doesn't have any money, his parents died due to accidents and he doesn't have anyone, he can't get anything he want, but he's happy.

But now what?

Whisper_Killer Whisper_Killer Nov 05, 2016
I actually feel bad for Petra since Eren is going to get Levi from her!
juleg105 juleg105 Feb 06
trashwebbie trashwebbie Dec 14, 2016
"but i hate you! i really hate you! so much i think it must be.. truuuuue looooove, truuuue looove!"
                              (learned this from an amv cause i'm kagehina trash sorry)
When you just realise that there's a small chance that the fiancé is Levi...how young was he?
EREN. YOU'RE LIVING WITH ME! COME ON! *Grabs his arm and drags him*
lgfuad lgfuad Nov 06, 2016
bruh I don't know how to respond- should I hate her, or should I thank her. feelings are confusing