Kamrynn | NBA YOUNGBOY STORY: Daddy's Little Girl

Kamrynn | NBA YOUNGBOY STORY: Daddy's Little Girl

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itsbooksss By Itsbooksss Updated Jul 08

Kentrell Desean Gaulden 

" aye Kamrynn pull my finger" KD said putting his finger out so she can pull it 

"no get yo' goofy ass out my face" Kamrynn said rolling her eyes. I shook my head getting up as I blew smoke out my mouth 

"Kamrynn what I told you bout yo' mouth?" she just looked at me. I looked at her waiting for a answer 

"I know, you said quit cussing" 

"well yo' ass need to listen, you 14, you a child. Stop thinking you can say anything out the mouth 'round me. I'm not yo' momma" she just sat there ignoring me

I finished smoking my blunt before going upstairs. I changed my clothes, and put on a Nike shirt and some sweatpants. I went back downstairs 

"Kam you got school tomorrow, and it's 11:33. What you waiting on?" she was just chilling on the couch scrolling on her phone like it was summer. I put a end to that shit real quick 

"you really making me go to school?" she asked 

"Yep, so go do what you need to do and go to bed" she looked at me for three se...

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