Mr. Composure

Mr. Composure

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"Once upon a time..."

All the best stories begin that way. Once upon a time, Jack climbed a beanstalk. Cinderella did go to the ball. 

Once upon a time, his parents died. 

When your parents are killed in front of you, on the one day of the year when all crime is legal, what do you do?

You prepare for next year. You prepare for payback....

[Disclaimer]: Please note that this story is rated PG13 and includes scenes of violent nature and explicit language. As such, this content may not be appropriate for younger readers.

  • anarchy
  • horror
  • thepurge
Clary71517 Clary71517 Apr 03
I would also go steal America supply of KFC and Watermelon...yes I'm black DON'T JUDGE ME!!!!!!
--Zee_ --Zee_ Dec 20, 2017
Seriously, strawberry syrup? I'm laughing at that. Isn't this suppose to be a horror story?
--Zee_ --Zee_ Dec 20, 2017
Guys, It isn't the shitty president of ours. He lives in England, not America.
Spheatrix Spheatrix Jan 30
I'm twelve years old! In my country, when you're twelve, you're a MAN. 😂😂
new trump campains are sweeping england as donald trump is declaring the purge should be the night of redemption for everyone. he claims it would make everyones country great again
Assthxtic Assthxtic May 11
oooH boy howdy 
                              You can kill the parents
                              But never the freakin dog