He Is After Me

He Is After Me

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Jasmine By jasP123 Updated Oct 09

Fear is a powerful sensation that sixteen-year-old Abigail Greene never would've guessed that she'd ever have to experience on a daily basis. It is a blinding feeling that encompasses an unhealthily excessive combination of worry, apprehension and paranoia. Fear initially implanted itself into Abigail's subconscious at the exact moment of her sixteenth birthday: the instant that she realised her life wasn't as normal as she assumed it always was.

Not only does she find out that she's being watched, but she also finds out her follower's sinister motives, in the worst way possible.  Motives that she discovers are not rooted solely in the stalker's desire for something from Abigail... but to help someone else too. 

(Story written in British English, and in the process of being rewritten)

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Sassico1313 Sassico1313 May 02
Nah. I like it. It makes me feel better and calmer most of the time.
Original_potato331 Original_potato331 Dec 06, 2016
Going  great so far...
                               And I'm really enjoying the book.😄
Aridia Aridia Jul 02, 2016
Damn now I'm hooked on this book already! Great chapter by the way.
midnight_lightwood midnight_lightwood Oct 11, 2014
oh my gosh, im like freaking out right nowwwww!!!!!!!!!!!XD!!!!!!!!!!!
jasP123 jasP123 Aug 04, 2013
@Jze1812 thank you so much for reading :D btw, the first 5 or 6 chapters or so need severe editing. I'm scared to even attempt to re-read them though xD
jasP123 jasP123 Sep 18, 2012
@angeliqueramirez  oh, and thanks so much for reading by the way :D