F.E.A.R. (The Promised Neverland x oc)

F.E.A.R. (The Promised Neverland x oc)

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BlackRabbitArisu By BlackRabbitArisu Updated Apr 13, 2019


In the Grace Field orphanage, 38 children live with their "Mother", yet when Emma and Norman find out the scary secret of the so called "orphanage", they will have to find a way to run, along with their siblings.
Lily is one of the Grace Field orphans she is: quiet, slightly anti-social, cunning, devious but kind and both physically and mentally strong, she still never managed to be on the "top three"'s level in studying, but when it came to trickery, games and wits, not even Mama stood a chance.

<<I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it>>


It is better if you read the manga before, because there will be spoilers, but not TOO big ones, still, the manga is fascinating, it's supercalirfragialisticexpiralidouscious (I know I spelt it wrong, I'm not English btw, but I won't use that to excuse any mistakes, but I read the manga in my language so maybe the words will be a little different because I will have to translate them, sorry.)
Anyway, I will make sure not to spoil anything big but I will leave you with doubts, still, if I manage to continue this fanfic I will explain everything the manga does but only when I arrive to the point in which the manga explains it. Bye 👋!

Oh, please tell me any mistakes, I am begging you, that way I can learn (This is my first fanfic published).

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