The Music in Us

The Music in Us

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Loveliness By BiTcHyOuBeTeRsToP Updated 6 days ago

Izuku has a pretty good life. A loving mother and the sweetest boyfriend, but he feels incomplete. Don't get him wrong, he loves his life, especially his boyfriend. He would never want to give him up, but he's missing something. 

Shoto has a pretty fucked up family, if we're being honest. His dad verbally abused him and the rest of his family for years, and now he wants forgiveness. His mom isn't doing too well either, and his older brother left as soon as he could. The only stable thing is his music and love life: his boyfriend. But what happens when even that gets fucked up?

Katsuki has a great life. Perfect even. He's the best in his school for drums, and he has an amazing girlfriend. Well, that's what everyone else sees. No one sees behind the scenes in his life. No one sees the pain. 

TodoBakuDeku music au.