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"beta " 
she turns to face him with blood shot eyes.
he feels guilty for his doings. 
" I am sorry. it was a mistake. at that moment I trusted my maa .I am really sorry beta."
" sorry for what Mr .ashish Mehta.for disowning me.throwing me out or for spoiling my life"
" avni" he moves closer to her 
"don't u dare to come near or say my name .U lost that years ago Mr .Mehta " 
she says fuming in anger.
" I was unknown about the truth. I came to know about everything when hetal told me" 
he pleads
"whatever Mr  I don't care and I will never " 
she turns to go .
" Ali ,juhi come let's go " 
"avni di " she stopped at her track.she felt liked her whole body rooted.
she looked at the person
it was her little brother aman.
he runs towards her and gives her a bone crushing hug.
avni first surprised but hugged back as she always wanted to hug him
it have been years she hadn't touched her own brother. tears brimmed from her eyes .
" I am sorry I never that ur my sister" aman let lot his tears.

" avu itna gussa kyun hai" Ali complains like a ten old boy.
" so what u want me to do " avni glares at him
" Angel plzz come on mere liye peeeeechhhh" 
" ok fine " 
mishti and Ali hugs avni


hey this is my first ff
about the favourite couple avneil 😍😍😍
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