Random Free Oneshots, Twoshots and Lemons Pt1

Random Free Oneshots, Twoshots and Lemons Pt1

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Suzannah By XXILoveAnime123 Updated Sep 30, 2015

"Movie time," YoU cheered with your strong English accent. 

You're going to watch a rom-com rated (18+). You were 17 but who cares you are only a year below and you were at your boyfriend Haruka house. So that meant no parents telling you to not watch it. You sat next to your boyfriend and pulled the blanket over the both of you. You snuggled up to him as he started the movie and hugged you round the waist. 

"Have you seen this yet?" he asked while the adverts for other movies were on the screen. 

"No. This is my first time watching an R rated movie," you replied making Haruka smirk slightly.

"Don't tell me you have seen it?" 


"then why were you smirking." 

"no reason... shhhh the movie is about to start." 

"but I didn-," 

"Ssshh." Haruka hushed putting a finger over his lip. 

You just sighed and watched the film.


Half way through the movie and you were still blushing. This rom-com was really funny and good but there was allot of sexual content in it. You look...

ShadowX15 ShadowX15 Jul 15
My parents won't care lol I literally watched 50 shades of grey with them irl they no care
TrashAlert TrashAlert Jul 05
*makoto pops up from beside the bed* HARU DOESNT LIKE HIS FULL NAME BEING USED!!! IF I WAS DATING HIM I-*Haru throws a pillow at his face*
nozotits nozotits Jan 19
Reading this in class *makes Rin's cat face* HISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS