A sort of a note to my grandpa, Writing this hurt, found it hard to even believe it. I hope you read it, enjoy it, vote and comment! thanks ^_^
This is something I can only imagine. I love my grandparents to bits and this would be a bitter nightmare for us.
                                    I really like the personal feel of it and how you so accurately share your feelings with us readers.
                                    Thank you for sharing something so personal :')
@kelsirei Thank you, that really means a lot to me, honest you are a very kind hearted person :)
@foreverandalways1234 awwh I'm sorry about u and your grandma, and thank u ever so much for reading I really appreciate it a lot <3
@pooki3 Thank you so much for reading, and I'm glad u thought so its one of my faves, personally. @Kate_Torchia  awwh, so sweet thank you! <3
so beautiful and sad. I am praying for you and your grandfather, and you are a wonderful person
It's so personal- it's what I love about poetry so much, the level of personal emotions evident.