Safe In A Stranger's Arms

Safe In A Stranger's Arms

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All kids hear the same thing before they leave the house: don't talk to strangers.

Whether it's just picking up the mail or going for a walk, every parent has the need to remind their child that there are strangers out there who will hurt them.

But what about a stranger that makes you feel safe? What about a stranger that turns out to be harmless? What about a stranger that ends up falling for you?

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-e-tee-wee-tee -e-tee-wee-tee Sep 08, 2017
I have a 12 age difference with my bro and a 13 age difference with my sis 😂
cleverdolan cleverdolan May 11, 2017
aye i live in a small town too (in Argentina but) and i'm also at the bottom of the food chain. In liking this already
madisonhilgerrrr madisonhilgerrrr Sep 25, 2017
I kinda wish there was a justin bieber fanfic with the name madison. My name is madison
illegaldrrews illegaldrrews Mar 14, 2017
lowkey thought it was a person and was like how tf do i pronounce that
bizzle_stan bizzle_stan Feb 02, 2017
I have a 10 year age diff with my youngest sibling. I'm the eldest
justindrxws justindrxws Dec 26, 2016
I have a six year age difference with my sibling and I actually like it