Grease Is The Word | Percabeth |

Grease Is The Word | Percabeth |

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~Fangirl~ By PurpleSeaweedBrain Updated Oct 21

Percy Jackson swims for Goode High School. And that's it. He doesn't associate himself with the Drama Club, besides the fact that his best friend Grover does backstage work for Goode's school musicals. 

Annabeth Chase is the star of Goode's Drama Club, and this year is no exception. She always gets leading roles, and her vocal range is as wide as the Atlantic Ocean. She stars in almost every show that her school puts on and her winning streak is not about to end now. 

This year Grease is the word, and it's not hard to tell Annabeth is going lead as Sandy. But what happens when Percy is swept up in the riptide of the theater world and finds himself in a completely different place? Will Annabeth learn that dreams can change and love sometimes plays the most important role of all?

Follow the story of Percy and Annabeth as they discover where they truly belong. 

Disclaimer: Characters belong to Rick Riordan the only thing I own is the plot.