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Michela By michh_44 Updated May 11

"Welcome to Barbar Island, where a small community exists, and abandoned buildings are the norms."

It all started with a curious child and an unused building. A past mistake which people fail to learn upon. The child's untraceable disappearance only resulted in grief, gossips, and ghostly rumors. However, the building remains tall. And so do the others. 

No warnings. No solving. No clues or traces.

Drunker Rei has got a brain full of those shits since he's lived there half of his lifetime. Yet he doesn't bother to heed them. As long as his tailoring business is still going on well, and he still has drinking partners every night, he's fine.

But not until the first abandoned building starts showing its true colors by unfolding another victim right ahead of his eyes. An insignificant woman, his steeled heart said. However, the leftovers and the hints found on the scene state otherwise. 

| Cover made by Shreya_VA |

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