My Youth Began With Him

My Youth Began With Him

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Seven years ago, after they broke up, he disappeared without a trace.
Now, he returns the night before her wedding, forcing her to marry him in any way ...
With a marriage letter, he bound her mercilessly by his side.
Since that time, "Cinderella" has made her life journey the wife of an heir of the business empire ...
Mrs. Huo - Patient, has a sharp tongue, and is very intelligent.
Mr. Qin - Endless wife's wife and a "slave" for their daughter,
Quality love story. One male partner with one woman. You are welcome to be addicted to this story with us.

Chapter 01 - 10, Sometimes di Sesuaikan dengan Jumlah Update dan Niat Saya
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Pengarang : Baby Piggie
Judul Eng/Chin: My Youth Began With Him/青春从遇见他开始最新章节列表
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