Little Slave Girl

Little Slave Girl

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Evangeline had been a slave all her life, bullied by the servants and the nobles, looked down upon by everybody. She was told she was ugly, miserable, and disgusting repeatedly, until she was forced to believe it herself. Her life was horrible, a living nightmare.

Until she meets Prince Lucas, a devastatingly handsome prince with golden hair that sparkled in the sunlight and enchanting hazel eyes.

After one act of rebellion, they experience a chance meeting, Evangeline introduced to a whole different kind of person she never knew even existed. He was kind, sweet, and unbelievably charming, something that excited Evangeline more than anything else. They slowly began to fall for each other, Evangeline loving Lucas for his kindness, Lucas loving Evangeline for her fierce determination and stellar looks.

But a slave is on the bottom of the social pyramid, and a prince on the top. How long will they be able to hide the fact that they were in love? 

Can a slave and a prince have a happily ever after?

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Rachrockz Rachrockz Mar 30, 2013
So good. AMAZING grammar  and language! Feels like an actual book!!!
katniss-everdeen katniss-everdeen Feb 01, 2012
I couldn't stop reading :) You have an amazing talent with writing, this is an amazing story ad has really got me intrested in Historical Fiction. I also love how you name your chapters after musical terms
fighterxXxlover fighterxXxlover Oct 24, 2011
This is really good so far!! You pulled me in right away!! AWESOME!!!
LiterofTears LiterofTears Sep 26, 2011
i've only read the first page n i love it already! you have a talent for keeping readers interested
EenEen EenEen May 14, 2011
Really good work:) very different from the others. Had me so captivated:D
folgates folgates Mar 27, 2011
I love how through out the whole 9 pages your writting didn't loose it sprak, it didn't loose it descriptive words, or the emotion, or the plot, I was interested through out it all, normally when people post a long chapter towards the end the chapter goes weak I'll like how your's stayed stong ;)